Application for Assistance

Assistance From The CCSVI Foundation

The CCSVI Foundation works in partnership with medical professionals and patients.

Our role is as follows:

help secure the best possible treatment in the most timely fashion possible assist with making travel arrangements and hotel accommodations assist individuals with their own fund raising ideas and implementation when possible, assist with the funding of this treatment and other costs associated with obtaining this treatment If you are requesting assistance with securing a safe and reliable clinic for this procedure please contact us through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are requesting financial assistance with the cost of this procedure please see the criteria below.

Requesting Financial Assistance


The CCSVI Foundation

The order of acceptance of applications is as follows: Those who wish financial assistance from The CCSVI Foundation will fill in the criteria requested. Please mail this application to our Post Office box. All applications received will be reviewed and acted upon on a first come, first serve basis. The only exception to this is an application seeking compassionate assistance. A written explanation of a compassionate request will accompany the criteria and will be voted on by the Board of Directors.

Criteria for assistance:

1/ Must have a valid passport.
2/ Proof of income
3/ Date of M.S. or CCSVI diagnosis. Type of M.S. and or CCSVI results
4/ Date of re-stenosis.
5/ If a treatment date has been secured when is it?
6/ phone number
7/ e-mail
8/ please enclose a personal letter explaining why you need our help and support
All requests for assistance should be mailed to our post office box. They will then be dealt with in the order they are received. The only exception to this protocol, is when compassionate consideration is requested. This will be voted on by our Board of Directors.


L4M 6J1
PHONE # 705 279 - 2333


Without data, it's just another opinion.

As we move forward with our endeavours, it is important to collect data regarding pre procedure conditions in individuals with vein blockages and abnormalities, as well as post procedure conditions.

If you are requesting our assistance, we are requesting your assistance in this collection of data.

Dr Joseph Hewett, co founder of Pacific Interventionalist and Synergy Health Concepts, has given us a questionnaire for individuals to fill out prior to and after receiving the procedure.

This is our opportunity to contribute to medical research.

All applicants for assistance will be receiving this questionnaire.

The information collected is private and confidential and will only be placed in the proper hands of Dr Hewett from Synergy Health Concepts. We have featured Dr John Hewett on our site under Information from Dr.'s. You will find also the link to an interview with Dr. Mark Haacke and Dr. Teri Jaklin.

Thank you for your assistance in moving us all forward!