Why the Foundation Exists

Currently this treatment is not available to Canadians, as it is mired in an undue controversy.

Several Canadians suffering from CCSVI have died as a result of needing this treatment and not having the means or not having access to the treatment.

Time is brain. To sit idly by and wait is not an option.

The CCSVI Foundation of Canada will raise awareness and funds, while working with patients in a partnership to obtain access to treatment.

Dear Friends,

It has already been a long road for us to get to this stage, and now have a website of information available to you. Much has been going on behind the scenes and many new protocols to follow. Starting a foundation with the sole purpose to help others has been a huge learning curve, but one that we believe is worth it.

Becoming a not for profit organization took time and money from our own pockets. To become a Charity, which can issue tax receipts takes another 4-9 months. This is also in the process. We can still raise money without tax receipts, but it is a little harder.

To raise enough funds to help one person receive the procedure, takes heart, soul, determination and the commitment of many.

This is your foundation, and we need your help to make it happen for all.

Applications are coming from those asking for assistance and they are being numbered accordingly, but funds need to start pouring in so that together, we can make this happen.

We have plastic bracelets with the website on it for you to sell.

We had our first walkathon known as the STROLL & ROLL which was a success being our first big event.

You can also arrange events in your own community to help with our missions, - a bake sale a garage sale, contact us with your ideas, plans and dates.

Whatever you can do to help fund Opening the Pathways of Life for others will help make the difference.

Time is ticking – help us make every minute count.

Fund raise and/or donate today.

Together we can make it happen and save lives.

Steve Garvie
Donna Graham