What is a Fellow ?

A Fellow is someone who spreads the good word about CCSVI and The CCSVI Foundation. A Fellow shares their ideas and thoughts within our Foundation, with other Fellows and within their community. Whether you can do a little or a lot, all you need is the "want to help".

Some Fellows have started their own chapters of Community CCSVI Support Groups, but remember every little bit helps - and no amount or attempt is too little!

We believe that many hands make "light work".

If you wish to help others and become a "Fellow of The CCSVI Foundation" please contact us.

To become a member you do not have to have Multiple Sclerosis or CCSVI, you do not have to have had the "Liberation Treatment", - you just have to care and want to make a difference.

Join us today!

LEADS - This is someone who has taken a very active role regarding the missions, visions and goals of The CCSVI Foundation. The Lead is a person you can connect with, who is close to your location. Leads will be able to inform you of what is going on in your area.



Will Krueger - Calgary
Ginger MacQueen - Calgary
Heather Morgan - Calgary
Carla Adamarczuk - Chestermere
Tami McGregor - Edmonton
Kathryn Taylor - Edmonton
Tim Wooldridge - Edmonton
Catharina Cyr - Alberta
Mark Branscombe - Legal
Reg Kreil - Rimbey
Cheryl Shipalesky - Spruce Grove


Heather Dixon- Brandon, (Lead) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mary Berukoff - British Columbia
Cheryl Smith - Dawson Creek
Karen Wilson - Golden
Chris Hambruch - Golden
Wayne Doane - Langley
Lorin Powell - Nanaimo
Jenny Powell - Nanaimo
Karst Jurgensen - Nanaimo
Dr. Ann Logan - Victoria
Margaret Bryant - Victoria
Ray Bryant - Victoria
Cris Paulishyn - British Columbia


Melody Foster - Brandon,
Donald Motheral - Hartney
Colleen Knudson - Hartney
Leigh Ann Chapman - Winnipeg
Colleen Boychuk-Kroft - Winnipeg
Peter Boychuk - Winnipeg
Cynthia Horgan - Winnipeg
Kathy Kennedy - Winnipeg
Susan Keller - Winnipeg
Linda Ross - Winnipeg


Tim Donovan - Fredricton Junction
Jacqueline Cormier - Miramichi
Heather Muclloch - Old Ridge


Christine Marie Elliott - Victoria Cove
Helen Lush - Newfoundland
Susan Kendall - Newfoundland


Judy Keagan - Alder Point
Cecil Keagan - Alder Point
Patricia Lemmon - East Mountain
Crystal Bruce - Dartmouth - Lead Fellow - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Melanie Russell - Kentville
Karen Clarke - Montague Gold Mines
Niki Ferguson - Nova Scotia
Coralie Casey - Pictou
Val Cochrane-Pictou
Darrell Foster - Yarmouth
M. Lisa Fiander - Yarmouth
Edna Lee - Glace Bay
Marlene Wadman- Nova Scotia
Wade Wadman - Nova Scotia
Colleen Hicks - Saulnierville
Michelle Burke - Stellarton
Willis Bates - Westville
Dorothy Bates - Westville
Heidi Gale - Sydney
Martin Karrel - Sydney


Alton Stretton - Ajax
Lois Smith - Allenford
David Gibbons - Allenford
Ann Crowley - Alliston
Gerry Dearing - Alliston
Gloria Dearing - Alliston
Gerd During - Alliston
Donna Ellis - Alliston
Richard Snodgrass - Alliston
Laurel Barkley - Amherstview
Penny Hall - Angus
Adrian Hall - Angus
Gale Bildfell - Aurora
Jenise Carl - Aurora
Rob Doan - Aurora
Marilyn Bartwick - Barrie
David Bartwick - Barrie
Don Bullock - Barrie
Anna Cigna - Barrie
Jenny Clapperton - Barrie
Dan Cox - Barrie
Erin Craig - Barrie
Jen Doherty - Barrie
Dean Dohring - Barrie
Jennifer Drake - Barrie
Deb Faye - Barrie
Brian Hobbs - Barrie
Mary Kelly - Barrie
James Knowles - Barrie
Cindy Ryan - Barrie
Michael Tkachuk - Barrie
Roberta Tkachuk - Barrie
Jane Laker - Barrie
David Willerton - Barrie
June Willerton- Barrie
Marlene Campbell - Barrie
Fran Jacobson - Barrie
Doug Garvie - Barrie Nancy Garvie - Barrie
Derek Leonard - Barrie
Sheila Maltese - Barrie
Eva Methven - Barrie
Elly Mowers - Barrie
Graham Mowers - Barrie
Philip Peacock - Barrie
Don Powers - Barrie
Louise Powers - Barrie
Kim Rider - Barrie
Pat Rodgers - Barrie
Barbara Gay Semsch - Barrie
Judith Shelswell - Barrie
Bruce Shelswell - Barrie
Jacoba Stiemer - Barrie
Virginia Smith - Barrie
Bill Thompson - Barrie
Jane Thompson - Barrie
Maria Vaillancourt - Barrie
Christine VanWesenbeeck - Barrie
Larry Wallbridge - Barrie
Sandy Watson - Barrie
Patricia Wilson - Barrie
Karen Wint - Barrie
Patricia Bennett - Bolton
David Berto - Bolton
Nicole Taylor, - Borden
Shawn Taylor, - Borden
Maria Alejandra Villalona Smith - Bowmanville
Leonardo Giglio - Bradford
Allyson Campbell - Braeside
Josie Matta - Brampton
Tony Matta - Brampton
Elaine Beck - Brantford
Kevin Beck - Brantford
Rita McKee -Gavan - Chapleau (Lead) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Terry Gavan - Chapleau
Real Bourgoin - Chatham
Pamela Lozon - Chatham
Frank VanOirschot - Chatham
Bessie VanOirschot - Chatham
Dean Bercier - Collingwood
Bob Burgess - Collingwood
Lorna McGann - Collingwood
Richard Laprade - Collingwood
Rachel MacCulloch - Coburg
Brenda Hall - Cookstown
Linda Miske - Desboro
Bruno Meffe - Etobicoke
Jane Learn - Etobicle
Helen Mielko - Grimsby
David Lloyd - Grimsby
Oskar Koopmans - Guelph
Julie Gray - Haliburton
Muriel Crooks- Hamilton
Laurence Crooks- Hamilton
Jennifer MacLean - Hamilton
Deb Knapp - Hanover
Bob Knapp - Hanover
Leslie Gower -Huntsville
Kevin Estey - Huntsville
John Krochak - Hunstville
James Mossman - Huntsville
Deb Brusadin - Ingersoll
Don Waymouth - Ingersoll
Marlene Campbell - Innisfil
Stella Eyers - Innisfil
Deirdre Fitzgerald - Innisfil
Marlene Mills - Innisfil
Norma Hart - Innisfil
John Hart Innisfil
Lynda Irwin - Innisfil
Jenna Irwin - Innisfil
Barry Tarling - Innisfil
Carol Tarling - Innisfil
Lloyd Tkachuk - Innisfil
Lewann Tkachuk - Innisfil
Jeannie Wisotzky - Innisfil
Winston Clement - Keswick
Janice Price - Kingston
Jason Weiler - Kitchener
Tammy Weiler - Kitchener


Rick Gooch - Lindsay
Jan Gooch - Lindsay
Saskia Gingrich - London
John Maloney - London
Valerie Maloney - London
Greg McGaw - London
Grant MacKay - London
Pat O'Connor - London
Michael Desourdie - Madoc
Yvonne Desourdie - Madoc
Wendy Riggs - Manilla
Aaron Stiller - Maple
Peter Bell - Markham
Donna Bell - Markham
Hima Wood - Meaford
Lincoln Miske - Meaford
Rosemary MacDougald - Mitchell
Alan Kay - Minden
Tonie Turner - Mississauga
Cyril Cook - Mississauga
Andrea Cullen - Mississauga
Ryan Cullen - Mississauga
Zeena Fahmi - Mississauga
Kumar Mahtani - Mississauga
Jalal Abdul-Kareem - Mississauga
Teresa Marchese -Mississauga
Karen Robichaud - Newmarket
Cal Westover - In Memory
Wes Playter - Newmarket
Carol Cascanette - Nobel
Nicola Jones - Nobelton
Wendy Truong - North York
Stu Ainslie - Niagra Falls
Lorna Parton - Niagara(Lead) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Grace Pattison - Orangeville
Lousie Lagevin - Orangeville
Jerry Twa - Orillia
LeonaMarie Budd - Orillia
Demitra Moutsios-Orleans
Meryl Drake - Oro Station
William Ducey - Oshawa,
Julia Ducey - Oshawa,
Jennifer Hollinger - Ottawa
Sharon Taylor - Ottawa
Bart Bakker - Ottawa
Barrie McAndrews - Ontario
Barry Waymouth - Owen Sound
Teresa Waymouth - Owen Sound
Adam Waymouth - Owen sound
Anne Waymouth - Owen Sound
Paul Waymouth - Owen Sound
Don Hoffman - Owen Sound
Warren Bazinet - Owen Sound
Allyson Waymouth - Owen Sound
Pat Garvie - Owen Sound
Mike Garvie - Owen Sound
Joan Garvie - Owen Sound
Ervin Garvie - Owen Sound
Jodie Hinksman - Parry Sound
Curtis Hinksman - Parry Sound
Liz Schutte - Penetang
Christine Carrier- Penetgshn.
John Carriere - Penetanguishene
Marty Coomber- Pickering
Julie Watson - Port Perry
Lee Miske - Port McNicoll
Cheryl Miske - Port McNicoll
Peter Busaglio - Richmond Hill
Lawrence Davidoff - Stouffville
Joe Malfara - Toronto
Diana Price - Toronto
Ted Bennett - Toronto
Tony Bennett - Toronto
Tara Dingman - Toronto
Jacquelyn Garvie - Toronto
Cheryl Moir - Toronto
Ruth Manson - Toronto
Dianna Newbury - Toronto
Jesse Lown - Toronto
Turkesh Rashid - Toronto
Mary-Ann Scola - Toronto
Krystin Smith - Toronto
Skip Stinson - Toronto
Salvatore Furfaro - Toronto
Irene Symaniw - Toronto
Andria Symaniw - Toronto
Peter Symaniw - Toronto
Sheilah Hendney - Toronto
Michael Truong - Toronto
Paige Whibbs - Toronto
Michelle Wolfe - Toronto
Mary Wiley - Tottenham
Sheila Erlewein - Sarnia
Heidi Ivany - Sault Ste. Marie
Mike Ivany - Sault Ste. Marie
Paul Stock - Scarborough
Danielle Visco - Sharon
Sandra Whitaker - South Mountain
Jayne Thomas - St. Catherines
Vickie Butler - St. Thomas (Lead) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sam Hollis - Stoney Creek
Shirley Chartier - Sudbury
Derek Chartier - Sudbury
Ruth Cullen - Sudbury
Todd Chartier - Sudbury
Brett Kelly - Utopia
Tom Irving - Uttelson
Vicki Irving - Uttelson
Ali Navvabi - Vaughan
Rolande Maracle - Victoria Harbor
Ron Garvie - Walkerton
Paul Hergott - Waterloo
Denise Cuthbertson - Wilkesport
Claude Clouthier - Windsor
John Charbonneau - Windsor
Lisa Gauthier - Windsor
Owen Noels - Woodstock

Susan Tobin - Laval
Beverly Rothstein - Montreal
Pierre Charland - Montreal
Jan Wexler- St Lazare
Michelle Walsh - Beechy,
Judy Larson - Balgonie
Daryl Swain - Biggar
Ken Morson - Dinsmore
Cameron Phythian - Endeavour
Crystal Phythian - Endeavour
Debbie Bond - Lucky Lake
Kelly Terry - Melfort
Dale Woolsey - Moose Jaw
Gloria Tkachuk - North Battleford
Jaydean Krupski - Regina
Terri Sleeva - Regina
Val Hoenecke - Rosetown
Dusty Edelman- Saskatoon
Jerry Hammersmith - Saskatoon
Joan Hammersmith - Saskatoon
Lori June Booth - Saskatoon
Fran Bowler - Saskatoon
Geoff Booth - Saskatoon
Matina Kosmas - Saskatoon
Myron Petrow - Saskatoon
Lyle Vindeg - Saskatoon
Yvette Vindeg - Saskatoon
Watson McGregor - Saskatchewan
Tracey Mollenbeck - Saskatchewan
Adele Kulyk - Saskatchewan,Leadfellow ,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aaron Toma. - Saskatchewan
Doreen McGunigal - Wadena


Billy Joe Rafuse--

Jan Surmacz - Texas, U.S.
Chris Surmacz Texas, U.S.

Heidi Henzel - California Lead Fellow for the U.S. - 503 336-4554
Nina Milber- San Francisco, California

345 Fellows!

and growing strong..