The CCSVI Foundation helps individuals in obtaining the procedure by;

a) informing them of the best clinics operating with the latest information regarding the procedure
b) booking the procedure at the clinics listed on our site
c) helping with transportation to the clinics and
d) financially assisting with the cost of the procedure.

Below you will find testimonials from those individuals The CCSVI Foundation of Canada has helped in receiving the procedure.

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Steve Garvie

My name is Laurence diagnosed with Attacking Remitting MS approx 27 years ago, turned secondary progressive 25 years ago been in electric wheelchair with total lower paralysis and partial upper (right hand and arm for 22 years) There was no MS drugs available when I was first diagnosed and when they did exist I did not qualify as I then had secondary progress MS with permanent paralysis.

Had doppler Ultrasound done in Port Perry Ontario in 2010 showed positive for CCSVI was a 3 out of five. Thanks to help from the CCSVI foundation of Canada got treated in Albany New York, July 28 2011 by Dr Sisken for my CCSVI. Blockage cleared on LJV via angioplasty, Blockage cleared on RJV via angioplasty valves disrupted and chest area cleared and angioplasty performed there as well. Immediately post angioplasty thumb on my paralyzed right hand moved had not moved in easy over sixteen years, felt great everyone said my color was great more energy and heart rate went down to normal limits had been high for over a year. Post doppler Scan at Albany showed blood flowing normally through all veins post procedure. Procedure took 35 minutes easy peasy no stents required.

Now three months since treatment heart rate still within normal limits. All fingers in right hand now move previously paralyzed arm now moves easily to mouth or side of face during physio. Can hold on to bar and pull back to move shoulders during physio. Finger movement came back within first month post procedure still weak not totally co-ordinated but now three months later starting to be able to grip with this hand. The most amazing difference is my balance had improved like 300 per cent. Used to fall to the side when trying to brush teeth or shave and even to have to put my coat on wife used to have to push me with all her strength to lean forward and do it real quick before I fell back. Can pull myself forward in chair and maintain that position, hell I can sit on the edge of the bed without falling and I have a roho mattress. This new amazing balance that I have not had for many many years and the ability to weight bear again has made the most difference to quality of life. Was becoming difficult for Muriel my wife to transfer me from and to bed and wheelchair when I was not weight bearing now she says Im as light as a feather and transfers are sooooooo much easier. I actually have been standing at physio with aid of standing machine.

Counterweight now down to half my weight and last week I stood for over 2 1/2 minutes I have not stood for at least 24 years this is amazing. Thank you Dr Sisken, thank you CCSVI foundation and all my new friends and CCSVI advocates for all your info and help that made this possible. Now trying to take better care of my health on vit.D, fish oil and got a juicer machine and doing the green juices look like crap taste okay. Doing more physio for years my exercises where totally passive I can actually now do a few exercises.

Sent video of my new post procedure physio exercises to my neurologist, he said he wished I had taken a before video as he cant remember what it was like before. I seen him two weeks prior to procedure which he was against in a big way, also I had total paralyses in both legs and one arm and hand how do you video something that has none zero zilch movement. There was nothing to see pre angioplasty. We travelled via rail from Aldershot in Burlington to Albany were able to use Albany wheeltrans system for many of the rides to and from clinic station etc. If you would like more info about transportation from a wheelchair in Albany or anything I can help with please feel free to e mail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Since the procedure, I have noticed a significant change in my balance, energy level and able to walk much better, there is no more brain fog, in my opinion I would recommend the CCSVI procedure to the MS patients. I really have been benefiting all around since having it done. This experience was great and I have no regrets in doing it. My way of life has been that much more. Thanks for everything.


A special THANK YOU to the CCSVI FOUNDATION OF CANADA, without them my husband would not have received the help he needed. Steve Garvie helped arrange our angioplasty appointment with Dr.Arata at Synergy Health Concepts in Costa Mesa, California. Dr.Arata was successful in opening up his jugular veins more importantly his Azygous vein which was severely blocked (and unsuccessful with past procedures). The staff at Synergy Health Concepts is excellent! They help organize your accommodations, transportation and all clinical appointments so that you can simply focus on your procedure and healing. Since my husbands procedure (1 month ago) he has had some improvements which are BIG to an MS sufferer but maybe not so big for those without any illness. I think having a positive mindset is very important and my husband is very positive that with time, healing will come. The best outcome from this procedure is that at least now he has proper blood flow from all 3 veins and now its up to his body to do the healing. Any little bit of improvement is better than none!

Tony M. - Sept. 30/11

A special thank you to Steve Garvie, Dr.Arata and the staff at Synergy! What a team!!

Josie M. Mike T. - July 2011

It is like being reborn, having CCSVI treatment done. After my diagnosis and a long time of finally accepting my MS and the disabilities that was slowly taking my lifestyle away I thought I was truly prepared for whatever life could throw at me.

On the operating table after the procedure I wasnt sure if anything had changed so I decided to take a chance and bear the pain and stretch my legs to my amazement I could stretch both my legs with no pain. As days went on I started to realize that was not the only improvement, no more brain fog, no more pressure in my head, I could think clearly and make decisions without doubting myself anymore. It has been 4 months now since my treatment and all of these improvements are still real and I continue to see gradual improvements week by week. There has been no reversal of the improvements. As I started saying in the beginning of this paragraph I thought I was prepared for whatever or accepted MS for the rest of life I have now come to the belief that I was very wrong I shut myself off from everything and everyone in my life until now. I had stopped living for anything just going about a routine I had made up for myself.

If you are unsure about having this treatment done, dont be, it is worth untold amounts of happiness. And it has given me back some parts of my life which I accepted that I CANT DO THAT ANY MORE!

Cyril - Mississauga

I was diagnosed with relapse - remitting M.S. in 2003. I experienced blurred vision, weakness in the left arm and right leg. I was working as a truck driver at the time the disease got worse in in 2006. I could no longer drive, I lost my job as a truck driver. I had to collect disability. I got so depressed in 2009 that I tried to commit suicide by taking a bottle of sleeping pills. Someone found me and called 911.

Today, my quality of life has improved thanks to the liberation treatment. I had to go to Europe for the procedure. My family did some fundraising for my procedure and I went for the treatment Sept. 2011. I'm so grateful for what they did for me.
Today my wife got her husband back and my kids got a father!

Additional update - Cyril is going back to work.

Dear Steve

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and all those involved in facilitating my visit to Rhode Island for the CCSVI procedure as performed at The Rhode Island Vascular Instituted in Providence, Rhode Island .
The prospect of this procedure offering the possibility of relief of some of the physical symptoms, the potential impact, optimism and encouragement this opportunity can bring to so many is unparalleled .
Immediately following my procedure on July 19, 2001 I was able to think and speak more clearly.
Within days my head and neck motion had greatly increase and slight sensation and strength of extremities where developing. I sense when light pressure is being applied to my legs and arms during gentle massage and I can even squeeze Norma's hand (although not with great strength YET).

I haven't experienced any of these significant movements or resistance to pressure to limbs in many years and am determined to continue to work daily on enhancing strength and motion.


John Hart

Norma & John will continue to keep us updated!

People, in Canada,
the CCSVI Foundation has given a hand up.

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